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Still Not Sure?

If you’re not sure what your current English language level is, why not book a pre-course assessment with GISOEL? You will be given a full English language assessment which will be marked and graded within 24hrs. Please allow at least 3 hours for a full assessment.[clear /]

English Language Assessment Information

[list type=”tick” color=”teal” divider=”false”] [li]Full English language written assessment[/li] [li]Full English language reading assessment[/li] [li]Full English language listening assessment[/li] [li]Full English language speaking assessment[/li] [li]Assessment marked and graded within 24hrs[/li] [li]Complete record of assessment[/li][li]Study / course advice consultation[/li] [/list] [clear /]

Assessment Time: 3 hours
Level: All levels
Dates: Select your choice of start date
Times: Select your choice of time
Fee: £30
Age: Minimum age is 12

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