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Thank you for choosing to study with GISOEL. Please take some time to read GISOEL’s basic terms and conditions of study.

By using the services provided by GISOEL, you agree, without limitation or qualification, to be bound by, and to comply with, these Terms and Conditions.

Definition of the participants involved in these Conditions:
The term company means GISOEL or gisoel.co.uk The term The client means the person in whose name the booking is made and shall include the person or persons on whose behalf the same is made. Force Majeure shall mean any event outside the company’s control which prevents the prompt performance of its obligations.

School Holidays 2017-2018
Good Friday April 14
Easter Monday April 17
Early May Bank Holiday May 1
Spring Bank Holiday May 29
Summer Bank Holiday July 17
Autumn Bank Holiday  September 25

Christmas holidays:
December 19- January 8 January 2018

You must pay the total fees for your course 7 days in advance of your course start date. Fees must be paid in Sterling (GBP) at the time of payment. Invoices are sent with course confirmation emails. Course fees, registration and accommodation fees (where applicable) should be paid 30 days before the course starting date. Refunds will only be considered in accordance with students statutory rights. Accommodation Fees must be paid before the course starting date or accommodation CAN NOT BE GUARANTEED. Students are expected to insure against course cancellation as tuition or accommodation fees are not refunded once a course has started – please bear this in mind when booking your course. Discounted rates are given for longer courses. To receive any discount on course fees all your fees must be paid by the start of your course. If these courses are curtailed for any reason, the student will be re-invoiced at the higher rate. Registration Fees are non-refundable. However, if we are unable to offer you a place on a course, we will refund any fees you have paid including the deposit and registration fee, less any bank charges. Courses are undertaken at the student’s own risk. GISOEL cannot be held liable for damage or accident to students’ persons or property. Students are recommended to take out personal insurance before departure to cover themselves for this and if they unexpectedly finish their course early. Please contact us for information on Student Insurance. Please add £20 to your total fees to cover bank charges if you pay by bank transfer.

You must pay one weeks accommodation fee in advance to book your Homestay accommodation. Homestays and University Halls of Residence accommodation start on the Sunday before your course starts and finish the Saturday after your course ends (unless previously arranged and agreed to by GISOEL). Students wishing to leave their accommodation early must give 2 weeks notice to the school in writing. Failure to do so will mean that two weeks fees is payable in lieu of the required notice period. Students must vacate their bedrooms by 12pm so that the host can prepare for a new students arrival. All accommodation fees must be paid for in advance. You must pay for any damage you cause to your accommodation.

Materials and Examination Fees:
Students may purchase their own text books and provide their own stationery, however GISOEL will provide all learning materials where specified. Where not specified, course materials, examination fees, and the cost of activities and excursions are not included except where specifically stated. The company will not refund any money to a client who applies for a course requiring a specific level and is then found to be unable to join the course after the initial level test. In this case, the client will be offered a suitable alternative by the school and any difference in price (if the alternative course is less expensive) will be refunded by the company.

Student absence, will not be rewarded by any amount of extension for the course or refund. If a student’s attendance drops below 80% they will be asked to attend a meeting with the School Manager and they may be asked to leave their course.

Students studying for more than 12 weeks in a full-time course who want to take a holiday during their course must tell the school 4 weeks before the start of the holiday. Course fees will not be refunded, but weeks missed will be added to the course duration. Students who have paid for 48 weeks of English lessons may take a maximum of 4 weeks holiday during this period.

GISOEL has the right to cancel any class which has not met minimal class number criteria. The first day of students courses will consist of needs analysis and orientation as part of the course – the normal amount of hours will not be taught due to this. There will be a maximum of 10 students in GISOEL group classes, and a minimum of 2 students. All courses should be completed within the agreed and specified time.

Changing classes:
If a student wants to change class, for whatever reason, they should speak to their teacher for advice. If they want to speak to someone in the office, they should make an appointment. The final decision to move a student to a new level, a different course or a different class lies with the School Manager. Students will not be refunded tuition hours or fees for loss of tuition time. Course fees and accommodation fees are not transferable.

Application to study with GISOEL
When you apply for a course at GISOEL, you will be emailed an invoice and course booking confirmation receipt with a starting date, timetable and fee schedule. This starting date cannot be changed without express permission from GISOEL staff. Course and registration fees must be paid in full and in advance for all courses.

Changing Course Booking:
Students may change their course booking up to 7 days before the course start date. Students will not be refunded course fees if the course has started. If course fees are higher than the original booked course, the difference in course fees will be payable immediately.

Refund Policy:
All course and registration fees must be paid in advance of starting your course.  ALL cancellations must be made in writing 7 days before course start date.  If cancellation is made after the 7 day period no course refund will be given.  Refunds will only be considered in accordance with your statutory rights. 

Cancellation of Courses:

Students have the right to cancel within 14 days of online booking.

Attitude and Code of Conduct:
All students and representatives of students (if students are aged under 16 years of age) are expected to behave with responsible attitudes and treat staff, school property or fellow students with respect. Ignoring school guidelines may result in student expulsion without a refund of course fees.

Conditions and Procedures of Expulsion from GISOEL:
A student may be expelled at any time, without refund, if the School Director is reasonably satisfied that the student’s conduct (whether on or off the premises or in or out of term time) or the student representative’s conduct (if the student is aged under 18 years) has been prejudicial to good order or School discipline or to the reputation of the School. The School Director will act fairly and in accordance with the procedures of natural justice and will not expel a student other than in grave circumstances. Any deposit and/or course and/or accommodation fees will not be returned in the case of expulsion. The decision to request removal of a student and the manner and form of any announcement shall be at the sole discretion of the School Director. A student who has been excluded, suspended or removed from the School for any reason shall not be re-admitted without written permission from the School Director. In the event of expulsion or of a student’s removal being required, the School Director will advise the student/parents/representative of the procedure under which a written application for a review of the decision may be made. A student who has been withdrawn, excluded, suspended, removed or expelled from the School has no right to enter the School premises without the written permission of the School Director.

All students are advised to take out insurance in their own country as protection against losing money through cancellation or unexpected termination due to illness or an accident and any health problems the student may suffer while they are here. Students may be entitled to free medical treatment in the UK – please check status before you

arrive. Students may use the computers provided by GISOEL for their own use. Inappropriate use of the GISOEL computers may result in the student being asked to leave the school without a refund of their course fees.

Data Protection
GISOEL is committed to preserving the privacy of all visitors to its website. Please refer to our privacy policy to understand how we use and protect the information that you provide to us. This policy may change, so we recommend that you check it from time to time.

Disclosure of your information GISOEL requires to process data about students in order to carry out normal administration. When you register with GISOEL you will be giving us permission to process data about you. If you do not give your consent to this processing, GISOEL may not be able to accept you as a student. If you change school or go to another institution other than GISOEL, relevant personal data may be supplied to that institution to enable it to carry out its normal administration. If your fees are paid by a third party, such as a parent, spouse, employer or government, GISOEL may be required to supply these parties in regard to level, progress and attendance with these parties. GISOEL will not share, sell or rent your information to any other third party. Finally, if GISOEL merges with another business entity, your information may be disclosed to GISOEL’s new business partners or owners.

Updating and correcting or deleting your information If you change address or if any of the other information that we hold about you is inaccurate or out of date, please let us know by emailing us at contact@gisoel.co.uk or writing to Marketing GISOEL, 12 Waterloo Street, Glasgow, G2 6JX, Scotland, UK or calling us on : +44(0) 141 248 7709 with the correct details. If you no longer wish to receive correspondence from us, please contact us at either of the addresses or the given telephone number to inform us of this and we will remove your details from our records when they are next being updated.

By applying for a course at GISOEL, you agree to be bound by the TERMS and CONDITIONS as laid out in these terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions will be updated in line with any changes to policy.